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Just a Little Off the Wall
Therapeutic Expression Gallery
This series depicts one's healing journey; the unraveling of the psyche and the long and introspective path to health and renewal, mentally, physically and spiritually. We have all had similar experiences as we move through life. Painting these pieces had a profound effect on me as it reflected my own personal journey toward wholeness. "Therapeutic Expression" was conceived as an educational tool and a way for a person to express  their innermost feelings through painting as a means of catharsis and healing.
The initial unraveling of the mind provoking a cascading stream of uncontrolled thought.
The 3 phases of man; youth, middle age and old age as the energy moves from dark to light resulting in a brighter outlook in old age.
Open Spirit: 
Negative dark energy swirling around a reclining figure.
Contemplating the power for healing; a maelstrom of energy both positive and negative is surrounding the host with continual bombardment.
Heart Shots:
Here depicted are the last parting shots of negative influences; family, friends; etc. Their faces are partially obscured to erase the negative influences on the psyche and allow for release of the past.
Dipping In:
Reduced to a minimum of flesh and bone, the person reaches up into the flow of positive energy starting his voyage toward wholeness.
Filling  Up:
The body and soul begin
refilling with positive forces; the energy exploding out of the fingertips like fireworks.
Man Full:
A complete rebirth, filled with positive energy and colors of life. The man is recharged and ready for a full blown re-entry into the world.
Life Full: 
Man’s heart and mind are renewed, filled with positive energy. He has worked his way through the difficulties of life and has re-established his own world and peace of mind.
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Filling Up
"Grange has made the transition out of the horse series and takes the viewer along with him. He informs us by choice of palate that we are invited, the horse is still here, echoing. He moves to what defies category, but is organic. The scientist again marries the artist, not as an anatomist but now on a micro level he gives us colors and not in an abstract way but to a rich movement of stones or jewels. He is in love with the viewer and gives them jewels which bounce and shine and move like waves of atoms from larger to smaller.

He is again painting himself, then a horse now as a nucleus at the center, the big pink sun a mass of electrons and protons around which everything evolves. His masculinity is never far from the source. And then he paints yet again back to horse like a story teller who has brought us to a startling place. We can imagine he paints the viewer riding the horse and as if in free-fall we don’t have to hang on. The ride is deliciously and undeniably wild. We are free and move through the high green grass. Truthfully Stewart Grange is both horse and rider and has taken the viewer along on a brilliant art trip."

Dr. J.K. Love  Truth or Consequences, New Mexico