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Just a Little Off the Wall
Black and White Gallery
​The Native American Series depicts events and individuals that struck a sympathetic chord with me.  They are subjects, less known, and are often hard to face but they are a part of our American History.

38 Little Indian Boys
This multi-paneled charcoal mural is to honor the 38 natives who were executed in Mankato Minnesota on December 16th, 1862. The center square is the scaffold; the drum centers this.  The drumbeat travels back and forth between the condemned prisoners.  This empowers them for their voyage.  All four sides are lined with armed guards, their rifles on alert.  The four corners represent the creatures driven mad by such a scene; they circle to consume themselves.  Black crows fly throughout the scene changing from positive to negative energy trying to disrupt this event.  Some are contraries; both positive and negative images that swirl around this dark passage of American history.
Geronimo's Cadillac Headdress
They gave Geronimo a Cadillac in the early 19th century. It was totally useless to him and a sign of the white man’s values.  I drew Geronimo with half of his face as a young warrior and half of his face as the noble elder.  I drew the headdress as a 1959 Cadillac grill with tailfins as feathers as spirit creatures interweave in this tapestry.
Geronimo's Horse
Resplendent in War Bonnet and battle wounds he looks straight at you like a double-barreled shotgun. His Bandelier Bag spills; broken crucifixes representing broken treaties and promises.  Mother Earth: Turtle, watches on as lightening provokes power to help him.
Joe Sixpack
This shows six stages of destruction of the native warrior.  Lightning; a bad omen warns of upcoming disturbing events being the ever increasing downward spiral of alcohol and drugs only to end up as the dead, incognito brave.  The image of the flag is reflected on the only true American.  The last frame is the empty six-pack of beer forming headstones of crosses.
Native American Series
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Geronimo's Horse
Geronimo's Cadillac Headdress
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38 Little Indian Boys